Our Pathway

At Berkhamsted Tennis & Fitness our aim is to offer all-encompassing tennis services to players of all levels and needs.  From young kids entering the programme as tots to competitive adults or adults looking for a social hit, we provide tennis for all no matter what age and stage you may be currently. Throughout our pathway, appropriate training  to develop the necessary skills to improve your game will be implemented, including all Strength & Conditioning aspects. For further information on all our stages, click on the section below.

Stage 1
5 years and under

Enjoy Sport

Our programme starts for preschoolers at 2 years of age and continues up to the age of 6 years old. 

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Stage 2
6 to 7 years

Enjoy Tennis

Enjoy Tennis is the second stage of our programme to aid in your child’s tennis development.

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Stage 3
8 to 11 years

Mini Academy

Your child will come into this stage from 8 years old and continue until 10 or 11 years old

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Stage 4
10 to 14 years

Junior Academy

At this stage of our programme, we offer performance tennis squads for players from 10 years old that are competing regularly.

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Stage 4/5
11 to 18 years

Junior Development

These groups are ideal for players who have moved out of mini tennis who want challenging sessions with less weekly commitment.

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Stage 5
15 to 18 years

Senior Academy

At this stage, all performance training is tailored to the individual’s need. Players will be entering this stage from 14 years old.

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Stage 6
18+ years

Adult Tennis

Adult tennis at Berkhamsted can include; team matches, social tennis and our wide range of adult coaching options

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Stage 6
18+ years

Pro Academy

At this stage, players will either be transitioning onto the Pro tour or entering into a college scholarship.

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