Senior Academy

At this stage of our programme we differentiate ourselves from other academies as we aim to tailor programmes to the individual’s need – essentially each player gets a bespoke service. Players will be entering this stage from 14 years old.

Below are some key characteristics of this stage:

  • The family’s role will transition from ‘leadership’ to one of ‘support’ as the journey continues. As the player’s level improves and distances increase, the family must rely on the team to lead more of the time
  • Flexible education should be an option at this stage
  • The programme is tailored to the needs of the individual athlete

Tennis Specific

  • Full development of tennis skills
  • Application of techniques within competition context
  • Focus on successful actions and maintain technique under pressure
  • Development of competition outcome awareness


Programme Guidelines:

  • Bespoke hours depending on player’s needs
  • Contact us for more information

Proportion of Tennis/Physical hours

Tennis = 60%             Physical = 40%

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